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An Operational Management Solution

The Vision Manager solution consists of a number of components:

  • Production statistics capture. Vision Manager automatically collects information from your production systems allowing you to make decisions based on actual numbers, not estimates;

  • Web Enabled. The browser-based front-end to Vision Manager provides each manager with the information they need, when they need it, and from wherever they need it;

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  • Download a .pdf Product Overview of Vision Manager.

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  • Turn-key Production Monitoring, Reporting and Notification "Out of the box" reports provide each customer with immediate access to production information via an easy to use interface. Additionally, alerts are generated that distribute notification messages if thresholds are exceeded;

  • Operational Analysis The challenge in any reporting system is having the right report for each possible situation. Analysis functionality helps managers to easily drill down through the available information and find exactly what they are looking for;

  • "What If" Monitoring production and finding problems is one thing; deciding what to do about the situation is another. What If forecasting allows managers to look to the future and test their ideas before they are implemented, as well as look back in time to compare what actually happened versus what could have been;

  • Location Independence Vision Manager is built as an Analysis Server: the use of data marts and XML messaging technology allows the workflow systems and the Vision Manger server to be in different locations. This takes the burden of data collection and analysis off mission critical production systems. B2B processes and other workflows that span multiple locations can all be supported from one central location.

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