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The Cape Visions founders are:

Robert Shapiro: A pioneer in the development of modeling and simulation at the University of Chicago, Robert has 44 years of experience with computer software. An innovator of compiler technology for IBM and Massachusetts Computer Associates. The founder of Meta Information Applications and Meta Software Corporation where graphical modeling and simulation of business processes was integrated with workflow systems. An active contributor to the Workflow Management Coalition and supporter of the use of international standards in software. He is currently President and Chief Technology Officer.

Doug Reynolds: Doug has over 11 years of experience in process improvement and workflow. Primarily as a Project Manager and Consultant, he has worked on helping companies in the US, Europe, and South Africa maximize their operational performance. After leaving Cape Visions, Doug has been operating as an independent consultant providing services to help improve business operations. For more information visit here.

Tommy Hansen: Tommy holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. He has over 7 years of experience designing and implementing software for process design and analysis. As a senior consultant he has participated in workflow projects at a number of large financial institutions in the US. Tommy Hansen was a software architect at Cape Visions before joining FileNet Corporation where he is now developing workflow analysis and simulation software.

Torben B. Haagh: Torben also has a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Aarhus. For over 7 years he has worked extensively with simulation technology, ranging from the implementation of simulators to the use of simulation in cost saving projects at Fortune 500 companies. Torben initially held a position as Director of Engineering and headed the European office. The European office was closed and he is currently Software Team Leader and Project Manager at Microsound - a newly founded company developing an innovative alternative to traditional hearing aids.

Henrik Mejlgaard: Henrik holds a degree in Computer Science. He has broad experience in software development in general and is an expert in database application development. Most recently he was the principal architect on a commercial document repository product. He is currently a Senior Systems Developer at ITI A/S being the head developer on a newly patented process quality insurance system named Pickolo.

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